Shake up board game night.

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We are definitely living in the golden age of board games. There is an incredible variety of games out there right now to serve anyone’s interests. It’s more than just the taped-up Scrabble set you used to play growing up. Today’s board games are incredibly complex, with excellent competitive and cooperative tabletop experiences coming out every week. The enjoyment of learning and playing modern board games overwhelmingly outweighs the initial investment in learning the rules. If you’re interested in taking your board game night to the next level, some really great ones are on sale right now. There are great deals to be had on more traditional board games, too.

This isn’t as huge as past sales, where dozens of board games suddenly turned up on sale on Amazon, but it’s a great way to round out your collection and save on something new for your next board game night.

Stuffed Fables for $36.22

Stuffed Fables is described as an “exciting adventure in a daunting world of nightmares.” You use a storybook as your guidebook, taking control of stuffed animals “sworn to protect the little girl that loves them.” In fact, the storybook is the game. A very novel concept. Get it? It’s both adorable and creepy, and best of all, it’s on sale right now on Amazon. At $36.22, this is the lowest price for Stuffed Fables, ever, on Amazon. Usually it goes for around $55, but it has an MSRP of $69.95. If you’re looking for a new addition to game night, scoop this one up.

Conan for $61.57



The Conan boardgame is also on sale right now, for $61.57. It’s not the lowest price ever for the game, but it’s close, and it’s roughly the same price as it was back in November, during that most sacred of Deals Holidays, Black Friday. If you don’t know what’s best in life, Conan can teach you: to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. At least, that’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger taught us in Conan: The Barbarian. This one features some truly excellent miniatures, too.

If you already have the base game, or decide you want to go all-in on Conan, check out the expansions. They aren’t on sale, but the money you save on the base game should help cover the costs of at least one of the expansions:

The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire for $23.98



Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire is on sale at Amazon right now for its lowest price to date. If you love the movies (and it’s my personal opinion that everyone should love The Godfather and The Godfather Pt. II), you’ll love competing against your friends to take control of the Corleone crime family “should Don Vito Corleone meet an untimely end.” Ultimately you get a fun board game and an excuse to make Godfather movie quotes. Hard to beat, in my opinion.

Gloomhaven for $114.77


Gloomhaven, the 20-pound box of goodness, is also on sale. Actually, it went on sale yesterday, but the price remains live right now. This also isn’t the best price ever on Gloomhaven. That happened way back in November. But it’s still 18% off its normal price. Every time this one pops up, people always ask “is it worth it?” The answer is “yes.” It’s sweeping, intense, intricate and takes at least 20 minutes to set up, but it’s also incredibly well done. Pick this one up for sure.

As gigantic and overwhelming as Gloomhaven can be, if you’re serious about it, it’s worth your money to pick up an organizer and some extra stickers.

You can also preorder the upcoming Gloomhaven expansion, Forgotten Circles. The Forgotten Circles Gloomhaven expansion comes out April 15.

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