A new set of Season 7 challenges has arrived in Fortnite, providing another opportunity to level your Battle Pass up and unlock rewards. As usual, if you manage to finish all of the objectives from a given week, you’ll also complete a related Snowfall challenge, netting you a special loading screen that hides a clue to a free Battle Star or Banner waiting somewhere around the island.

The loading screen you’ll get depends on how many weekly sets of challenges you’ve completed. Once you’ve finished six weeks’ sets, you’ll unlock the one pictured below. It depicts a character wearing the Durrr Burger onesie standing at the titular eatery, burger in hand. This time, the clue can be found on the chalkboard in the lefthand corner of the image, which features a drawing of a Banner floating about the Crown of RVs–the same spot you needed to visit to complete Week 1’s dancing challenge.

The Crown of RVs is located south of Paradise Palms, at the edge of the map near the desert village. Your best bet for finding the Banner is to glide to the area at the start of a match and make your way to the crown-like formation. As teased, the Banner will appear at the top. Collect it and finish the match, and you’ll be able to use the Banner as a swanky profile icon.

We’ve marked the Banner’s location on the map below to help you find it. However, as always, the Banner will only appear on the map if you’ve completed the necessary number of challenges and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen; you won’t simply be able to waltz over to the right spot and find it unless you’ve done the required work.

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You have until the end of Season 7 to complete any outstanding challenges; if you need help, you can find tips in our Season 7 challenge roundup. We’ve also put together guides on where to find all of this season’s other free Battle Stars and Banners below.

Fortnite Season 7 Snowfall Challenge Guides

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