Lots of new panels from Razer.

Razer has announced an all-new gaming monitor designed for eSports, and it’s calling it the Razer Raptor. This Chroma-enabled gaming display features a 27″ IPS panel with a 4ms response time (1ms with Motion Blur Reduction), support for AMD’s FreeSync technology, and an innovative cable management system that is unlike anything I’ve seen before on a monitor, gaming or otherwise.

The Raptor features seriously thin 2.3mm side-and-top bezels, with a more traditional thicker bezel down below. The panel runs at 2560 x 1440 resolution (WQHD), and has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. It’s not just for gamers though, as its panel supports 95 percent of the wider DCI-P3 color gamut. It also supports HDR content with a maximum brightness of 420 nits. As you can see in the photos, it’s also Chroma-enabled on its base, so you can sync the monitor’s lighting with that of your keyboard, mouse, headset, and mousepad.

Perhaps the most interesting new features is the monitor’s interesting cable management system. Those flat cables you see in the photo are the typical cables you’d hook up to a monitor; HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and power. However, Razer has designed its own flat version of them and will include them with the monitor. Even better, however, is the panel tilts upwards 90 degrees, letting you connect them from the front instead of from the back, which is an infinitely easier experience. Here’s what it looks like when you are sitting in front of it, with the panel lifted up to access the cables.

The base is a custom design from Razer, with a handy hole in the center to route the cables through. It also provides a nice, wide base for any figurines you might want to display below the monitor. The entire base is one big piece of thick aluminum, providing the monitor with a secure stance. The back of the monitor features an interesting fabric/metal hybrid texture instead of the typical plastic.

Connectivity options include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB Type-C with charging capabilities, and two USB A 3.1 ports. The Razer Raptor will sell for $699 and will be available at some point in 2019, though a firm date has not been released just yet.

Razer also announced an updated Razer Blade that is now dubbed “Advanced.” The big change from the previous model is that it It now features Nvidia’s RTX mobile GPUs, going all the way up to the RTX 2080. The updated Blade also features an IR webcam that supports Windows Hello. The new Blade will also be offered in a “Mercury White” color option.

Finally, Razer also showed off two Blades with next-gen panels, which the company says it’s evaluating for future updates. One featured an OLED panel, and the other sported a 240Hz IPS panel. Of course, you can’t really “see” that in a photo, but the OLED model is shown above. This is just Razer showing what it’s considering, so it’s unclear if they’ll ever appear in a future Blade.

Josh Norem is IGN Executive Editor for Tech. When he’s not upgrading his PC he’s trying to get his foster kittens adopted.

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