The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has provided another indication that Catherine, Atlus’ narrative-driven puzzle game, will be released on PC. The Catherine ESRB listing has been updated to include PC alongside PS3 and Xbox 360, the platforms on which the game was originally released back in 2011. The listing also has Xbox One included in the platforms section, suggesting it may also make its way to Microsoft’s console at some point.

This follows a teaser that appeared on the Steam page for Bayonetta, another game published by Atlus’ parent company Sega. The teaser was a picture of a sheep, an animal used in Catherine to represent male characters that aren’t the protagonist, Vincent. These sheep are usually vying for the affection of Vincent’s love interest, Catherine, by way of competing in block-pulling puzzles.

Catherine is set to be re-released on PS4 and PS Vita as Catherine: Full Body, an updated version of the game that will feature new content. Since it’s the ESRB listing for the original version of Catherine that’s been updated, it could be that the PC release will be the vanilla version of the game, should it materialize.

In GameSpot’s Catherine review, Kevin VanOrd said the game is “mature and occasionally profound, exploring themes like sexual fidelity, personal responsibility, and trust. Catherine doesn’t just challenge your hand/eye coordination: It challenges your intellect and your emotions.”

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