Fortnite’s Season 7, Week 5 is in full swing and among them there are a couple of tricky challenges. Both of these are exclusive to those that have paid for a Battle Pass, with the first tasking players with searching a specific location for a Battle Star (we’ve got a guide for that), while the second is a multi-stage quest that involves dancing on towers.

The quest begins by asking players to dance on a Water Tower. Once the first part of the challenge is complete, it’ll be updated and direct players to dance on top of a Ranger Tower, and then on top of an Air Traffic Control Tower. So, three in total, and although they’re pretty easy to spot, you’ll need to be in their general vicinity first.

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a map of where you can find each of the towers, as well as listed the locations below. All you’ve got to do is either land or build up to the top of the towers and then bust a move.

Fortnite Tower Locations

  • Water Tower: Can be found at Retail Row
  • Ranger Tower: Can be found at Lonely Lodge
  • Air Traffic Control Tower: Can be found at Frosty Flights

With this challenge and the “Search Between” challenge mentioned above completed, you’ve done all the hard work for the week. All that remains is mopping up the rest, which will just require you to have solid Fortnite fundamentals and put some time into the game.

If you’ve got outstanding challenges from previous weeks, you can use our comprehensive Fortnite Season 7 challenge guide for a full breakdown on every challenge that has been featured so far, as well as links to guides for the more difficult challenges for each week.

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