Here’s what we know so far about Bayonetta 3: Platinum Games is developing it, and Nintendo will publish it as a Switch exclusive. When it will arrive is anyone’s guess at this point, however. We saw a teaser trailer during the Game Awards 2017, but the upcoming action title was a no-show at E3 2018. So far, we find ourselves with more questions than answers. Despite the lack of information, you can already lock in your Bayonetta 3 pre-order, and even get a nice discount from one retailer.

The teaser trailer is the only actual Bayonetta 3-related document that’s available so far, and it doesn’t show any gameplay footage, so it offers few hints. But it does feature the leather-clad heroine wielding dual pistols, her weapons of choice in the previous installments.

Bayonetta 1 & 2 on Switch

Speaking of previous installments, if you’re looking to brush up on the series before Bayonetta 3 comes out, $50 gets you a physical copy of Bayonetta 2 on Switch, which comes with a digital code for the first game. For those who prefer digital Switch games, you can buy both titles from the Nintendo Eshop for a total of $60.

But if it’s Bayonetta 3 you’re after, you have several pre-order options so far. No pre-order bonuses are available at this time, but we’ll add them here if that changes in the future.

Pre-Order Bayonetta 3

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At the time of this writing, Walmart has the best Bayonetta 3 pre-order deal, offering $10 off the MSRP.

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