Red Dead Redemption 2’s online component, Red Dead Online, is now live to all players after a staggered rollout. If you’re playing the game on PS4, you’re entitled to some exclusive items that are not yet available on Xbox One. Here’s how to claim them.

Before being able to get any of the items, you’ll first need to play through the opening tutorial section of Red Dead Online, which takes around 45 minutes or so. Once you’ve officially entered free roam, you’re given access to things like the catalog, and it’s at this point you can claim your freebies, as outlined on the PlayStation Blog.

The easiest of the bunch to grab is the Grizzlies Outlaw outfit. Simply open your satchel by holding left on the D-pad, go to the Outfits section, and you can add it to your collection. Once you own it, you can change into it (or any other clothing you own) by heading to your camp and accessing the wardrobe.

The other freebies require you to go to a particular location. For the High Roller Double-Action Revolver, you’ll have to head to a Fence (which you can spot on the map), where it can be claimed.

And finally, you’ll head to a stable to grab both the Red Chestnut Arabian horse and the Alligator Skin Ranch Cutter saddle. You start out in Red Dead Online with only a single slot for a horse, so if you want to grab the new horse immediately, you’ll need to ditch your starter steed to claim this one. This horse has better stats than the starter one, while the saddle provides bonuses to the health and stamina Cores of the horse you equip it on.

All of this is separate from the exclusive goodies available in Red Dead Redemption 2’s single-player mode. While we’ve become accustomed to timed exclusives like these lasting for long stretches–some Destiny content has been PS4-only for 1-2 years–the exclusivity period here lasts only 30 days. If you pre-ordered the game or bought a special edition, you may have other bonus content to claim in Online.

Although Red Dead Online is now available to all owners of Red Dead 2, it is still in beta form. Rockstar promises many updates to come, and one thing we know is coming is the ability to buy in-game gold with real-world money.

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