After three weeks of waiting, you’re finally able to complete Destiny 2’s Murder Mystery quest line and take home your prize: Thunderlord, the lightning-spitting Exotic machine gun from way back in the days of Destiny 1. The third and final portion of the quest has been unlocked with the latest weekly reset, opening up a mission that also takes you back to the days of Destiny 1, in a sense. The final step of the quest is the toughest, and you can see exactly what you’re up against and how to handle it in the video above.

The third step of the quest takes players back to the Cosmodrome, and specifically the first area they visited at the start of the original Destiny. Your mission is to find the killer of the Master Ives, the Cryptarch in Destiny 1’s Reef area, and to avenge his death. To do that, you’ll need to venture to the European Dead Zone on Earth and make your way to the Whispering Falls Lost Sector, where the start of the mission awaits.

Fighting Master Ives’ killer is a tough battle, and once it’s over, make sure you explore the Cosmodrome, as Destiny 2 hints this might be your last chance ever to visit the location and find anything hidden there.

For more information on how to complete each step of the Thunderlord quest and solve the mystery of Master Ives’ death, check out our complete Thunderlord guide.

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