If you’ve pre-ordered Fallout 76, you can start downloading it to be ready for release next week. Bethesda gave word that the install is ready to go, along with instructions on what to do with that beta file you may still have laying around.

According to a series of tweets, the pre-load is available on Xbox One and will follow for PlayStation 4 and PC soon. If you have the console versions of the beta installed, you can delete them and your progress will still carry over to the full game. If you have the beta on PC, you’ll receive a small update that will prepare your game file for launch.

The beta came in several waves, and Bethesda has already outlined some fixes and responses to pieces of feedback it received. The company plans to make this a live game, and kicked off the beta with an open letter cautioning that it will be filled with bugs–radioactive and otherwise. The team plans to work on improving it long-term, and keeping the servers running “forever.”

Though this is Fallout’s first foray into an online, connected world, it can be played very similarly to one of the series’ single-player adventures. Of course, there are drawbacks to that kind of isolated landscape for those who do want to make it a social experience. One big remaining question that won’t be answered until launch is how its cosmetic DLC will work, given that we’ve seen some items for sale but have no idea yet how the in-game currency translates to real dollars.

Fallout 76 is coming November 14. Check out our pre-order guide for more details.

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