Destiny 2’s latest weekly reset has brought with it another refresh to the bounties offered by Spider. Many of these are more worthwhile than ever before thanks to the recent changes to Masterwork Cores, but as always, there’s one that offers Powerful gear. For this week, that is Wanted: Arcadian Chord.

In the video above, you can see where you’ll have to go and what you have to do. Picking up the bounty from Spider for five Ghost Fragments will place an Adventure on the map on Nessus. Head there and you’ll be taken inside a Lost Sector to kill a large Vex minotaur enemy. To break the minotaur’s shield from the beginning, you must shoot the anomaly orb above it to begin the encounter. As you wear down its health, it will regain its shield that makes it immune to damage. To take this shield down, you have to navigate the area to collect several more anomalies that are scattered all around. Shoot three of them, and you’ll be able to damage the minotaur–just be wary of the enemies that continue to attack while hunting for anomalies. Repeat this a few times to take the boss down and earn yourself Powerful gear.

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