Hey, there’s a new Giant Bomb site that went live recently (thanks for the feedback) which also included a new Giant Bomb logo (thanks for the feedback) so we decided to slap that bad boy on some new merchandise! Take a look!

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New Logo Black Tee
Available in men’s and women’s sizes, as well as a unisex Gildan Heavy Cotton variant that’s sure to turn heads on the subway…or the runway! You’ll smell like a rainbow with this classy tee!

New Logo Heather Grey Tee
Is it “grey” or “gray”? No one knows, but that shouldn’t stop you from donning this insouciant little number on your next night on the town! Watch out, heads: you’re gonna turn!

New Era Zippered Hoodie
Comfort and style? Paging Anna Wintour: the cover of your fall issue has just arrived! From the boardroom to the bedroom, a fashion-forward zipper makes this one easy to remove – but we don’t know why you’d ever want to!

From the nightmare city R’lyeh, sunk beneath the waves countless eons ago, Cthulhu dreams in his sleepless sleep, rendering men mad with the barest effort of his will! His return is heralded in every nightmare of mankind and his malign influence lurks behind every murder! He wishes for one thing: this pullover hoodie! Own it, girl!

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New Logo Hat
Bad haircut? Wicked case of bedhead every morning? Egregiously megacephalic? Worry not: this one-size-fits-all cap comes with an adjustable strap! Wrap it around a baseball and what do you have? Style, that’s what!

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Ceramic Mug
This trendy two-tone mug is called a “minolo” and boy will it ever go well with your Manolo Blahniks if you know what I mean! It’s perfect for martini time with Carrie and the gang, but I’ll take mine…to go! In this mug! Fashion!

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Glassware Gift Set
These are glasses to drink from.

As always, you can reach out to orders@socialimprints.com if you have issues ordering or with shipping! Or email me at support at giantbomb.com if you have any issues with store codes or just to chat!

And don’t forget that life is a party: dress like it!

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