Ubisoft has announced that, prior its release in China and other Asian territories, Rainbow Six Siege will receive several adjustments that censor certain maps and in-game icons. Instead of separating Siege into two different builds, the censorship will be applied to all versions of the game across the globe. The update will go live for Year 3, Season 4, alongside Operation Wind Bastion.

“We have a commitment to ensure that the Rainbow Six Siege experience remains true to its roots,” Ubisoft assured in a blog post. “We are adjusting art and visuals, but are not compromising what makes Rainbow Six Siege the game you know today.” In accordance with certain restrictions in Asian territories, Ubisoft is removing Siege’s more overt references to violence–such as skulls and blood–as well as gambling and sex. In-game icons are also being made less violent. The symbol for melee attacks and damage–currently a knife–is being made into a closed fist, for example.

In terms of blood censorship, only environmental examples–such as aesthetic splatter on a wall–will be removed. Minor blood splatter from Operators being shot will not be affected.

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Siege’s Year 3, Season 3 mid-season update adds balancing changes to the game’s Operators and weapons–specifically Clash and Maestro, as well as the SMG-11 and Vector. The update implements a large amount of bug fixes as well.

This week’s Siege challenges are focused on both Echo and Tachanka, as both Operators celebrate their birthdays this week. Echo’s challenge tasks you to destroy 20 attacker drones while using her, which rewards you with a special dog tag charm for the Operator. Tachanka’s challenge has the same requirements and awards, but must be done with the Russian soldier. The challenges end on November 6 at 6 AM PT / 8 AM ET / 3 PM BST.

Rainbow Six Siege is available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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