Sony’s PlayStation Classic releases next month, bringing 20 fan-favorite PS1 games to a miniature version of the 90s console. It follows a trend of releasing smaller versions of old consoles, primarily set by Nintendo with its NES and SNES Classic devices. The impending release of Sony’s attempt got us thinking, so we sat down to chat about the respective advantages and drawbacks of the PlayStation Classic and Super NES Classic.

First Will Potter and Oscar Dayus discuss the systems themselves: the display options, the feel of the controller, how it all works. The discussion then shifts to talk about the games, and which line-up is better–Rayman, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and co., or Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and other Nintendo classics? Check out our thoughts in the video above.

Make sure to tell us your thoughts in the comments below, too. Will you buy a PlayStation Classic? What do you think of the SNES Classic? For more on the new Sony system, check out Jean-Luc Seipke’s video on how the PS Classic is charming, but won’t blow you away.

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