Another week brings another set of challenges to complete in Fortnite. Week 5’s challenges are now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile, and this time, they have players jumping through flaming hoops and speeding past radar signs, among other things. As usual, completing these will earn you Battle Stars, which in turn will level up your Battle Pass and unlock the new Season 6 rewards.

There’s an added incentive for completing all of the challenges from a given week, however; it will also clear a Hunting Party challenge, thereby unlocking a special loading screen that points you to a free item hidden around the map. The item in question will either be a free Banner, which can be used as a profile icon, or a Battle Star that will level your Battle Pass up by one tier when collected, making it worth your while to clear as many Hunting Party challenges as you can this season.

If you’ve kept up with all of the challenges to date in Season 6 and manage to complete Week 5’s missions, you’ll unlock the loading screen pictured below, which depicts two characters hunting down a pair of vampires, Van Helsing-style, on a castle. Each loading screen you can unlock through the Hunting Party challenges contains a subtle clue to either the Banner or Battle Star’s whereabouts. Sure enough, if you look closely at the upper lefthand corner of the screen, you can see the faint outline of a Battle Star in the window.

The castle alluded to in the loading screen is located near Haunted Hills. The easiest way to collect the Battle Star hidden there is to simply head to the location at the start of a match; you’ll find it waiting in the window, just as teased, once you approach. Collect it and you’ll level your Battle Pass up by one tier. You can watch us collect the Battle Star in the video above to see exactly where you need to go.

As usual, the Battle Star will only appear if you’ve finished the requisite number of challenges. This particular one won’t show up on the map unless you’ve completed five weeks’ worth of missions and unlocked the aforementioned loading screen, so you won’t simply be able to go to its location and pick it up unless you’ve put in the necessary work. You can see our guides for all of the free Banner and Battle Star locations thus far below.

Epic recently released Fortnite’s 6.20 update, which marked the start of the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event. For a limited time, you’ll be able to complete a special set of challenges, which will unlock new cosmetics such as the Deadfire skin. Be sure to check out our complete Fortnite Season 6 challenges guide for more tips for completing this season’s missions.

Fortnite Hunting Party Challenge Guides

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