Now that Andrew Lincoln’s The Walking Dead fate has been revealed, fans know they haven’t seen the last of the Rick Grimes character. Instead, three TV movies are in the works, which Lincoln will star in. However, he has reached the end of the road with the cast and crew he spent the last nine seasons with.

Of course, he didn’t reach that end without one final practical joke from his co-star Norman Reedus. Lincoln and Reedus have been playing jokes on each other throughout the show’s long run, and Reedus says he’s winning. “I’m so f***ing far ahead of him that he could prank me 100 times, and I’d still be ahead,” the actor told GameSpot and a small group of other outlets during a visit to the set of The Walking Dead.

For his parting shot, Reedus made Lincoln’s final scene very difficult to get through. The scene saw Rick in a bed. “I’m tickling his feet, and he’s like, ‘You a**hole,'” the actor said. It feels good to know Lincoln ended his time on the show giggling, given how heartbreaking The Walking Dead can be.

Once the scene came to an end and cut was called on him for the last time, Lincoln then shared a special moment with his cast and crew–one you’re not going to see leaked videos of anywhere online. “He stands up, and he gives a speech to everybody, and here’s tears and standing ovation type of thing, and he gets up and people immediately pull up the cameras,” Reedus remembers. “And he’s like, ‘Hey, can we put those away?’ He’s like, ‘This is ours. This here with us, this is our thing. This is our family. It’s not for social media. It’s not for anything. This is our thing.’ I thought, ‘That’s so Andy.” I mean, you know, in a world where it’s impossible to do that almost all the time, just put it down. The memory’s going to be the thing. And it was awesome, yeah.”

After that day, Reedus admitted, “I cried like a baby for weeks.” Given how close the two had become since they first started working together in Season 1, it’s hard to blame him.

“That dude’s been my BFF for almost a decade,” Reedus said. “I wake up, the phone rings, he wants to talk about everything on the way to work. We work, then we have lunch, we get our lunch in there or in here, then we go straight to my trailer, and we sit in my trailer, and we talk about the rest of the day or what we did or upcoming scripts or whatever. And then, end of the day, we get in my car, or I get in my car and I pull out of the parking lot and my phone rings, and he wants to talk more. And then at night, the phone rings all night. His wife thinks that he and I are having an affair, I’m sure.”

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Now, though, both actors move forward as they continue to expand on the world of The Walking Dead, albeit it separately. That doesn’t mean fans are going to see Daryl (Reedus) step into the leadership role Rick previously held. “I don’t think anyone’s going to step up and be Rick,” he said. Instead, all of the remaining characters will have to work together to move forward without the man who’s been leading the way for nearly a decade.

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