Niantic continues rolling out new features for Pokemon Go. On top of trading and friends list, both of which were introduced to the mobile game earlier this year, the developer recently announced it is working on a PokeStop nomination system. Now, it has revealed another new feature on the way to the game: Adventure Sync.

With Adventure Sync, you’ll be able to keep track of your walking distance even when Pokemon Go is idle. This should prove to be a handy addition, particularly for hatching Eggs; previously, Pokemon Go only tracked your walking distance while the game was launched, so if you were trying to hatch a Pokemon, you’d need to leave it running as you walked.

On top of that, Niantic says Adventure Sync will provide a weekly summary that displays your Incubator and Candy progress, along with other activity stats. You’ll also be able to earn rewards each time you cross a certain milestone and set push notifications for when an Egg is about to hatch or your Buddy Pokemon discovers a Candy.

Niantic hasn’t announced when it will roll out the Adventure Sync feature, but the developer says it is “coming soon.” The feature will also be able to connect with Apple Health on and Google Fit depending on which handset you own. You can read more about it on the Pokemon Go website.

October has been a particularly busy month for Pokemon Go. The first wave of Gen 4 Pokemon rolled out recently. The game’s third annual Halloween event is also underway, bringing the first Gen 4 Legendary, Giratina, to Raid Battles. Meanwhile, the next Community Day event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 10, and will feature the Gen 2 starter Cyndaquil.

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