One of the many things that is shuffled as part of Destiny 2’s weekly reset on Tuesdays is the slate of bounties offered by Spider in the Tangled Shore. One of these in particular is quite desirable, as it offers Powerful gear as a reward. Unfortunately, the weekly reset hasn’t done the greatest job of keeping this fresh as of late, as this bounty is once again Wanted: Gravetide Summoner. Here’s what to know before diving in.

This marks the third week in a row that a bounty by this name has been available from Spider. Last week’s instance of this, despite being the same target as the week before, was actually different. It still tasked you with completing an Adventure on Titan, but the Lost Sector that you explored for the boss was different. This week, however, we’re back to the same Adventure and Lost Sector as two weeks ago.

To start things off, you’ll need to take five Ghost Fragments to Spider to buy the bounty. This unlocks an Adventure on Titan, specifically on The Rig. Start it and make your way through the Lost Sector until you get near the end. Here, you’ll find your target, Gravetide Summoner, but it will be immune to damage. In order to kill it, you’ll have to first deal with the ogre.

This has a lot of health, but you can speed things up by killing special thrall enemies with yellow health bars that periodically attack you. Taking these out grants you a temporary buff that causes you to deal more damage to the ogre. With the ogre down, finish off Gravetide Summoner to complete the bounty, which gets you some Powerful gear.

While this activity may not be fresh, what is new is the latest Ascendant Challenge. This presents you with a new Ascendant Realm area to tangle with; it amounts to some careful platforming and a boss you have to kill, but the associated bounty from Petra offers another piece of Powerful gear.

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