The latest Destiny 2: Forsaken weekly reset has arrived, and it shuffles the bounties offered by Spider. However, don’t expect to be surprised with a fresh new one offering Powerful gear. That reward is again tied to Wanted: Gravetide Summoner. This takes you back to Titan for an Adventure through a Lost Sector to kill a target who is immune until you deal with an ogre.

You might remember this exact same Adventure from two weeks ago; last week’s also had you kill Gravetide Summoner, but in another of Titan’s Lost Sectors. Check out the video guide above for a look at the Adventure–the key is to make use of a buff you’ll receive by killing thrall with yellow health bars. This buff lets you deal more damage to the ogre. Once it’s dead, kill Gravetide Summoner to finish the Adventure and the bounty.

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