Recently, Jean-Luc Seipke and Alessandro Fillari traveled to West Virginia to play about 3 hours of Fallout 76, the next post-apocalyptic RPG from Bethesda coming to Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Though the upcoming Fallout game has some very familiar details and gameplay from its predecessors, the big difference here is that it’s entirely online, and that you’re one of many Vault Dwellers trying to survive in the wasteland. After spending some extended time the game, they have a stronger sense of what the online Fallout game is all about.

During this chat, the duo went over the many new mechanics, such as the increased focus on survival gameplay, crafting, and just how the online features works. However, they also describe how similar it is to previous games, and how many players returning from Fallout 4 won’t be too put off by the change of pace. They also detail some of the stranger encounters they had, including taking on a group of “unruly golfer feral ghouls” at an expensive resort–which totally feels like a Fallout kind of quest.

Set for full release on November 15, Fallout 76 has some big plans in store for post-apocalyptic RPG series. For more info on our continuing coverage of Fallout 76, which includes our detailed hands-on impressions and over 50 minutes of gameplay, be sure to check out GameSpot for all the latest news and videos.

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