Three more Xbox 360 games are available via Xbox backwards compatibility. You can now play Rumble Roses XX and Zone of the Enders HD Collection–which is composed of two games–on Xbox One.

Rumble Roses XX, the sequel to Rumble Roses, is a wrestling game that features an entirely female cast. Matches consist of one-on-one bouts, two-on-two tussles, and one wrestler against an entire team. You win when you successfully grapple your opponent into a position where they have to tap out.

We gave the game a 6.6/10. In our Rumble Roses XX review, Alex Navarro wrote, “Rumble Roses XX is a better game than its PS2 predecessor, but there are still too many annoying things about it to make it a success. Again, there isn’t a single thing wrong with wanting to put attractive, well-built women in a wrestling game, but Rumble Roses XX insists on taking it to such levels of objectification that it just becomes hard to put up with after awhile. Not to mention that very little else of what the game offers, both from gameplay and feature standpoints, is strong enough to carry the load apart from the whole titillation aspect.”

Zone of the Enders HD Collection packages the original Zone of the Enders and its sequel Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner. Both games are third-person shooters that incorporate hack-and-slash elements. You control an advanced combat mecha named Jehuty in both games, with a child piloting the suit in the first game and a miner in the second.

Although we gave the two titles decent scores upon their release–a 7.4 for the first game and an 8.5 for the second–we were not as big a fan of the HD collection. In our Zone of the Enders HD Collection review, Peter Brown gave the bundle a 5.5/10, writing, “The HD treatment, especially the widescreen aspect ratio, makes the pair of Zone of the Enders games more palatable by contemporary standards, but the chugging frame rate leaves the bitter taste of disappointment behind, inspiring thoughts of what could have been.”

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