Destiny 2’s new DLC, Forsaken, has finally arrived on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It introduces a wealth of new content, including missions, Gambit mode, Crucible maps, and a whole lot more. On the PvE side, you can also expect to happen upon a new Public Event (Cryo-Pod) while exploring the new Tangled Shore zone. As with existing ones, it’s possible to activate a Heroic version of the event, as seen in the video above–here’s how.

In typical fashion, you’ll need to fulfill several objectives that aren’t explained in-game–if you simply do what you’re told, you’ll only complete the standard version of the event. To activate the Heroic version, you’ll start out by locating the cryo-pod, which is a sort of prison cell that crashes on the map (and is marked by the usual Public Event icon). You’ll then neutralize the nearby defenders, which involves clearing out two waves of enemies, and then proceed to stop the Wanted enemy who emerges from the pod.

Once you’ve done enough damage to this enemy, the cryo-pod begins venting a freezing gas that does damage to anything nearby. Once this begins, look for a vent on the side of the pod and begin shooting it. You can then grab the Core (a glowing ball) from inside the vent and throw it at the Wanted enemy. Do this enough times and you’ll freeze the enemy in place, creating a circle around them. You then need to stand in the circle and fight off waves of enemies until the Wanted can be recovered.

Opting for the Heroic version of this event–while more difficult–also provides you with better rewards. It may prove to be too challenging if you’re early in the DLC, but once you’ve raised your Power level (or simply have enough nearby players to attempt it), you’ll want to do the Heroic version whenever possible.

If you haven’t yet jumped in, you can watch the opening mission from Forsaken, which features some key story developments. The expansion is out now and requires both the base game and the first two DLC packs.

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