The release of Destiny 2’s biggest DLC expansion yet, Forsaken, is right around the corner, and to get players pumped for the game’s next chapter, Bungie has released a new launch trailer. It features a funeral of sorts for one of Destiny’s most prominent characters, as well as the return of another–Uldren Sov–who serves as the primary antagonist in Forsaken.

Bungie’s new video starts out by capping off what we’ve seen previously, where Cayde-6 fights off countless foes before his Ghost is destroyed. That leads to Sov, whom you might remember as the Queen of the Reef’s brother, killing Cayde. From there, we see Ikora Rey holding a funeral for Cayde and swearing to avenge him, while Zavala is unwilling to risk anyone’s life.

It’s at that point we see what is maybe the most significant bit of the trailer, when a Titan vows to hunt down Sov himself. This would appear to be a character standing in for the Guardian that you play as; if that’s true, that marks the first time you actually speak in Destiny 2. Until this point, your Ghost did all the talking.

From there, we see your character and Petra Venj (a Queen loyalist) strike a deal with a portly Fallen to help track down Sov. He, meanwhile, burns down the throne room of the Reef and rambles about various things.

All in all, it’s an exciting look at the new expansion, if only because your motivation–hunting down Cayde’s killer–is as clear and impactful as can be.

Forsaken’s release date is set for September 4 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. We already know exactly when its accompanying update will launch, although we don’t yet have full patch notes. Ahead of release, you’ll be able to try out the DLC’s big new mode, Gambit, as part of a one-day trial on September 1. For more, check out our Forsaken pre-order guide.

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