What would a Muppets movie look like if it went for an R rating? You’ll find out soon enough when The Happytime Murders arrives in theaters on August 17. If you just can’t wait, though, this is your lucky day.

Ahead of the film’s release, GameSpot has an exclusive clip from the film for your viewing pleasure–and it’s messed up. The Happytime Murders is set in a world where humans and puppets coexist, as Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) works with a disgraced former cop to hunt down a serial killer. In the new video, Connie has to prove she is able to engage in the puppet underworld, which means doing some very serious drugs. At least, what are considered drugs to puppets.

In The Happytime Murders, it’s sugar thats gets puppets high. The sugar they used, though, is too strong for even humans. That much is explained when a blonde puppet named Midge drops off a tray filled with lines of rock sugar for Connie to snort. “It’ll put a human in a diabetic coma for a month,” one shady looking character tells the detective. “But to a puppet, pure ecstasy.”

Though she has some reservations at first, Connie snorts the line and immediately passes out. That doesn’t last long, though, before she darts up, tells the puppets “That is good s***,” and considers sleeping with one of them. It turns out rock sugar is a pretty powerful drug for humans too.

Interestingly, this clip has connections to a pop-up speakeasy being used to promote the film in Los Angeles. At the secret underground den of debauchery, visitors are able to sample specialty cocktails, see puppet and human burlesque and comedy performances, and play blackjack with a puppet named Jack, among many other activities. However, the highlight of the pop-up is a trip to the Sugar Den where Midge, the sugar dealer seen in this clip, offers you candy and warns against the dangers of her beloved purple rock sugar.

It’s a fun way to immerse yourself into the world of The Happytime Murders if you’re in LA, given that the pop-up has extended its run to include dates between August 17 and 19. What’s more, it shows that director Brian Henson, son of Muppet creator Jim Henson, has put a lot of thought into building out this world.

The Happytime Murders releases in theaters on August 24.

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