If you have a Nintendo Switch, you’ve probably noticed your Joy-Cons don’t have traditional D-pads. Instead of the cross-shaped D-pad button found on other consoles, Joy-Cons made by Nintendo have four separate buttons. That’s not always ideal, especially when you play games that require precise directional input, like 2D platformers and fighting games. The video game accessory maker Hori is here to help.

Hori is gearing up to release left Switch controllers that feature regular cross-shaped D-pads. Better yet, you can already pre-order these controllers now with officially licensed Zelda and Mario themes. The Zelda-themed one is black with gold etchings and the Mario one is maroon with red etchings. Each one costs $25 and will be released on September 18.

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Before you click to pre-order, you’ll want to know about some significant downsides for these accessories. They only replace the left-side Joy-Con, so you’ll still need to have a right-side one to play games. They’re also missing lots of the internal tech that comes in a standard Joy-Con made by Nintendo, including Bluetooth, HD rumble, a gyro-sensor, battery, and SL/SR buttons. As a result, these controllers can only be used when the Switch is in handheld mode–in other words, no TV play.

On the plus side, these controllers should make playing 2D games a more precise experience. And with all the incredible 2D games on the Switch, including the Mega Man X Legacy Collection, Celeste, Hollow Knight, and the upcoming NES classics that will be included with Nintendo Switch Online, a real D-pad could certainly come in handy.

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