Bethesda has discussed how Fallout 76 will deal with griefers, namely players that are intent on attacking and killing others, even when their target isn’t interested in player versus player combat. As discussed during the game’s QuakeCon 2018 panel by game director Todd Howard, Bethesda decided to turn griefers into content for other players by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

“We want this element of danger, without griefing,” said Howard, who continued on to explain that when you shoot someone you do a little bit of damage. He equated this action to lightly slapping someone in a bar to see if they want to fight. The other player can choose to ignore this slap or engage, and if it’s the latter you start doing full damage. Players that are a higher level offer better rewards if engaged and killed. If you decided to do some PvP and are killed, you have the option to seek revenge. Doing so gives players the opportunity to get double the rewards, if they’re successful on a second attempt.

Those that don’t want to engage in PvP but are still killed do receive some in-game justice. The player that kills someone who doesn’t agree to combat becomes a “Wanted Murderer” and receives no rewards from their kill, whether it’s caps or experience. This player also then appears on the map as a red star and has a bounty placed on their head. The money from that bounty is taken out the murderer’s pool, and also, other players looking to cash in on that bounty aren’t visible to the murderer on the map.

PvP doesn’t activate until level five, and there are options to block and ignore players. Additionally, you can choose to completely turn off the so called “slap” mechanic. When you die, the only consequence is that you drop the junk your’e collecting, which is used to build. Armor and weaponry isn’t lost upon death, so the only decision you have to make after dying is whether you want to go back and collect your resources.

However, there are stashes around the world and at your camp that can be used to store junk and keep it safe, so smarter players will no doubt be seeking these out and using them frequently to store precious materials.

Fallout 76’s release date has been confirmed as November 14. A beta for the game will be held before its release. Bethesda has said the Fallout 76 beta will be available to Xbox One owners first, followed by other platforms. For both the beta and the full game, Bethesda will distribute directly to consumers instead of using Valve’s Steam platform.

QuakeCon 2018

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