Potato Mode has produced some truly bizarre aberrations, but what happens when this show sinks its teeth into a game that already has some pretty weird characters and mechanics? That’s what Ben and Joey hope to find out in this week’s episode as they take on Yakuza 0. If you thought Yakuza games were strange before, just wait until you see one on its lowest graphical setting.

The Yakuza franchise has found new life in the west thanks to Zero and the Yakuza Kiwami remakes. But before players revisited the start of Kazuma Kiryu’s story, the series went even further back to 1988 in 2015’s Yakuza 0. Taking place almost 20 years before the original Yakuza, Yakuza 0 puts players in the shoes of both a young Kazuma–who’s been framed for the murder of a civilian–and Goro Majima–who’s protecting a blind girl he was ordered to kill.

Yakuza 0 continues the franchise’s tradition of overloading the player with a plethora of side activities, missions, errands, and games to do between gripping story missions. In our Yakuza 0 review, Peter Brown wrote, “Unless you have a strong aversion to violence, sex, or middling graphics, you owe it to yourself to give [Yakuza 0] a chance. Its story will surprise you, its inhabitants will make you laugh at every turn, and its ambitious scope will redefine how you think about open-world games. It’s a fascinating adventure no matter how you approach it, and it’s proof positive that a game can be wildly inconsistent yet remain a great experience.”

Well Peter, apparently Ben and Joey do have an aversion for middling graphics. If you want to see Yakuza 0’s violence and sex take on a whole new meaning of weird, watch the video above. Fair warning: it’s quite the spectacle.

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