Bethesda is set to show off the first gameplay video of Doom Eternal, the sequel to the 2016’s reboot, today. The follow-up was originally announced during Bethesda’s E3 2018 press conference with a cinematic trailer–albeit an exciting one. At 9 AM PST / 11 AM CT / 5 PM BST, however, Bethesda will host a presentation at this year’s Quakecon, during which Quake Champions, Rage 2, and The Elder Scrolls Online will be shown, alongside the debut gameplay demo for Doom Eternal.

Quakecon, and the Doom Eternal gameplay reveal, will be streamed on Bethesda’s Twitch channel, and we’ll have it available for you to watch the moments it’s available here. GameSpot is also attending Quakecon, so keep an eye out over the next few days to see all of our coverage.

Little has been said about Doom Eternal since its reveal at E3. However, producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin did reveal that it would build off the previous game, taking its satisfying, fast-paced combat and pushing it further forward. This time, the Doom Slayer will be even more powerful and the types of enemies have doubled. Doom Eternal will also take place on Earth, though we imagine you’ll be taking regular trips to other hellish dimensions too.

Id Software’s 2016 Doom was a very successful reboot of one of the most iconic and acclaimed first-person shooters of all time. In GameSpot’s Doom review Peter Brown said, “Without a doubt, the loud and chaotic campaign is Doom’s strongest component.”

He continued: “It’s straightforward and simple, but it serves its purpose: to thrust you into increasingly dire scenarios fueled by rage and the spirit of heavy metal. Many shooters chase the thrill Doom delivers, but few are as potent in their execution. It captures the essence of what made the classic Doom games touchstones of their day, and translates it to suit modern palates with impressively rendered hellscapes and a steady influx of tantalizing upgrades.

“Doom is the product of a tradition as old as shooters, and while it’s not the model to follow in every case, modern shooters could learn a thing or two from Doom’s honed and unadulterated identity.”

For more on the game, check our article compiling everything we know about Doom Eternal.

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