Fortnite’s 5.20 update has arrived for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. On top of introducing a new weapon and an assortment of gameplay tweaks to Battle Royale mode, it marks the start of the game’s latest limited-time event: Steady Storm.

As its name implies, Steady Storm mode features one storm that continuously closes in on the island over the course of the entire match. Unlike a typical game of Battle Royale, there are no safe zones in Steady Storm, so players will have to stay on the move and keep track of the storm on the map in order to survive.

You can find more details about Steady Storm on Fortnite’s official website. Epic hasn’t specified how long the mode will be in the rotation, but limited-time events such as this generally run for about a week before they’re replaced by a new mode. Such was the case with last week’s Fly Explosives mode, which kicked off alongside the v5.10 content update.

In addition to Steady Storm, Epic has also made a couple of tweaks to Playground, Fortnite’s ongoing sandbox-style mode. In particular, the developer has reverted chest and floor loot back to a single weapon spawn “in order to cut down on clutter.” Additionally, Epic has added a Fill/No Fill option to the mode selector.

The other big addition in Fortnite’s v5.20 update is a new weapon for Battle Royale: the Double Barrel Shotgun, a powerful new close-range weapon that “packs a punch with each of its 2 shots.” Meanwhile, Save the World mode received new hero: Ragnarok, the Dark Viking. Save the World remains in paid early access.

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