Fortnite Week 5 is here and new Season 5 Battle Pass Challenges are available. Locations and maps for all seven challenges include rift locations, a hole in one tees golf guide, and the Greasy Grove treasure map. Clear at least four of the seven challenges to earn 5000XP. This set was released on August 9, 2018.

See a list of all the Weekly Challenges here. Looking for a specific Season 5 Week 5 challenge? Use these links to jump to each tip section:

Find and use five different rifts. These special anomalies were added at the start of Season 5 and entering one will warp you into a portal directly above you where you’ll be able to glide or dive to another location. This challenge simply wants you to use five of them.

Use our map for a look at all the rift locations. There may be more than one rift at each location and each circle on the map represents the general area they appear in:

Keep in mind, entering a rift will activate it and will only stay around for a few seconds longer. If you’re in a squad or a team, make sure everyone is together so you can all go through it at roughly the same time.

Open seven different chests in Junk Junction. This little factory is located on the northwestern corner of the map. The chests here a little more unique than your typical chest spawns – here are a few to keep an eye out for:

  • Underneath western building.
  • Top floor of center building.
  • Second floor of center building.
  • On top of smashed cars, east side.
  • Surrounded by smashed cars, east side.
  • Within the shelves, north side.

For a look at all the chests in Junk Junction, check our interactive map for the locations – and help us add any we missed! Remember, not every chest will spawn each match!

Take out three enemies. Getting eliminations should come naturally as you play your matches, but if you’re still having trouble, try playing squads where teammates can give you the extra power to take down an opponent. 50vs50 is also a great mode to catch enemy players off guard.

The goal of Fortnite isn’t to get the most kills, it’s to be the last person standing. If you’re having trouble with this challenge, make defeating enemies your primary goal. If you have to stay behind in the storm to get that kill, make it happen.

Another battle star is hiding on the map. While we don’t yet know where the map is hidden in Greasy Grove, we do know the location of the battle token. Remember, you don’t need to visit or see the map in order for the battle star to appear.

Head over quadrant B2 and look for the battle token at the small chapel north of the main church in Haunted Hills. It’s not clear yet if it’s on top of the roof, inside, or in the underground area beneath the building.

Getting a hole in one on five different tees is no easy task and our golf guide has tips on setting up your shot and the exact crosshair locations you’ll need if things get too tough.

For starters, all nine tees in the game can be found at Lazy Links. Use our map to see where each hole and number are located.

For our general golf guide and golf tips, always start by aiming directly above the hole flag. From there you can adjust the height of your shot along with moving slightly to the left or the right. To make things easier, assign a key for the “Repeat Last Emote” to quickly hit the ball instead of going through the emote menu. You can either try to hit the ball and have in land directly into the hole or you can try to aim lower and have it roll into the hole.

Remember that you’ll need to unlock the Golf Ball toy at Tier 27 to do this challenge.

Below we have images of all nine holes with our location and theexact crosshair positioning when we got a hole in one. For each hole, we stood equally between the two yellow markers. For Hole 9, we moved closer to the left yellow marker to see past the bush.

Deal 300 damage using a Clinger, a Stink Bomb, or a Grenade. Any of these weapons will do:

Stink Bombs are going to be pretty low priority as they deal small amounts of damage over time. Grenades and Clingers will do 100 damage each and can still hit multiple players, so prioritize these two weapons. If you see a team or squad that’s sticking close, use that time to strike!

Take down three other players in Shifty Shafts. A lot of tight quarters here so try to pick up a shotgun as soon as you can! Traps are also great, especially in the lower levels where players run around the dark shafts and quickly turn corners. Another good strategy is to stay in the top area and shoot down at enemies in the lower levels since there is a big lack of roofs and ceilings. Don’t forget, this place has chests everywhere, including within the wooden walls of the shafts. If you need a weapon, keep an eye out for a chest!

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