Another week has come and gone, and that means a new crop of Fortnite challenges for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS players to get to work on. We’re now in Season 5, Week 4, and there’s a full lineup of seven more challenges, ranging from fairly easy to this-is-gonna-take-a-while. You can read about those below, complete with a map and location details on how to complete the week’s most difficult challenge: search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain.

This challenge is only available to those with the Season 5 Battle Pass. All you have to do for it is head to the designated location and pick up the Battle Star, which can be found in grid C5 on the map, at the base of Stunt Mountain, just northwest of Tilted Towers–it’s hidden near a pale white tree. This tree is located north of the gas station and just south of Pleasant Park. You can look at the images below to see exactly where it is on the map and also get a breakdown of all the challenges. Alternatively, watch the video above to see us do the challenge.

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Other Battle Pass-only challenges for Week 4 are more straightforward. These include dealing 500 damage to enemies with a Sniper Rifle, searching seven chests in Flush Factory, and getting three pistol eliminations. None of these need to be completed in a single match, so you can slowly make progress at your own pace over the season.

In the free challenges section, the two most straightforward challenges involve building 250 structures and eliminating five opponents in Dusty Divot. The one that will eat up some time is jumping through five flaming hoops with a Shopping Cart or an ATK; we’ve got a separate guide to help you find all of the hoops.

Fortnite Season 5, Week 4 Challenges


  • Build structures (250) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Jump through flaming hoops with a Shopping Car or ATK (5) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot (3) — 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (500) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Search Chests in Flush Factory (7) — 5 Battle Stars
  • Search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain (1) — 10 Battle Stars
  • Pistol Eliminations (3) — 10 Battle Stars

Fortnite’s weekly challenges allow players to unlock Battle Stars by fulfilling specific objectives. These range from simply taking out a specific set of enemies, to trickier challenges that involve following treasure maps. Completing these unlocks unique customisation items and also levels up your Battle Pass–if you have one. Challenges are split into two categories, with a set of quests for all players and then a second set available exclusively to Battle Pass owners.

Developer Epic Games recently launched Fortnite’s 5.10 content update, which introduces a limited-time mode called Fly Explosives. In this mode, players are equipped with jetpacks and explosive weaponry to wreak havoc on their fellow combatants. The update also pulls the Guided Missile out of the vault and puts it back into play, albeit with some changes.

For those still doing Season 5, Week 3 challenges, you can take a look at out our guide on how to follow the Flush Factory treasure map and also the locations of all the Clay Pigeons. If you haven’t already done the Fortnite birthday challenges, we’ve got a guide for where to find the birthday cakes too. Take a look below for a comprehensive list of our Fortnite Season 5 coverage. The list includes guides to all the challenges so far, as well as a gallery of the new cosmetics introduced in the latest season, among other recent developments surrounding the game.

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