The arcade sports game Windjammers is coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. DotEmu announced it will hit the console within a few months, and a separate (and very zany) trailer cheekily calls it the best game of 2018.

Windjammers was originally released for Neo Geo in 1994 and faded into relative obscurity, but earned a cult following in 2013 after being featured on GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb. The game works mostly like a combination of air hockey and the classic game Pong, as a set of six characters ricochet a flying disc into each others goals. The game is known for its character variety and the surprising depth behind taking different types of shots.

An exact release date wasn’t mentioned. Windjammers is already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita for $15, so we can probably expect the Nintendo Switch version to come at the same price.

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