Playing games is great and all, but paying for them can be a drag on the wallet. Between now and August 13, you can get a free one-night rental on select PS4 and Xbox One games. All you have to do is reserve the game you want online (the discount is added in your cart), go pick it up, and you’re looking at a night of free gaming.

Redbox will hold the game at the kiosk you select until 9 PM local time the day after you place your reservation. You can keep the game longer, but naturally you’ll have to pay the $3 rental fee for any additional nights.

There aren’t a ton of games on offer, but the ones that are available are mostly relatively new and well received. Right now on PS4, you can get recent releases like The Crew 2, Detroit: Become Human, Sonic Mania, Far Cry 5, and God of War. If you’re looking to pick something up for the kids, you can grab Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Plants Vs. Zombies 2.

Xbox One owners have a similar selection to choose from, including newer games like Monster Hunter World, Sea of Thieves, The Crew 2, and Dragon Ball FighterZ. You can pick up Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard for the little ones (or yourself) as well. Sorry, Nintendo fans: Redbox doesn’t offer Switch games.

So simply visit the Redbox website and find a game to reserve any night you feel like playing something new. Just make sure to do it soon, because the deal ends August 13.

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