The first teaser for Season 8 of American Horror Story, titled Apocalypse, was recently released and if the show is anything like the teaser, it looks like we’re in for a very creepy season.

The first shot from the teaser shows a fetus which appears to still be in the womb but is actually in an hourglass. The hourglass shows up in a few more shots throughout the trailer, perhaps hinting at a theme around time or a countdown of some kind. There are several shots of what appears to be a nuclear blast; whether the implication for the show is metaphorical or literal is unclear at this point. The teaser also shows several shots of skulls, some satanic imagery, and features the regular AHS title song, but with eerie lyrics.

Perhaps the most persistent image in the trailer, however, is a black, boney hand reaching out from nowhere, manipulating the elements on screen. Whether it takes something, cuts something open, or changes its position somehow, the black hand is one of the only constants through the teaser.

If you pay close attention to the beginning though, you can see the fetus’ hand turn black just before it cuts away to show a black heart, which could imply that the skeletal hand shown throughout the teaser belongs to the baby. If you recall from the Murder House season, one of the central storylines culminated with the birth of the antichrist, and since this season is a crossover between Murder House and Coven, it’s possible that this is what they’re referencing, especially given the satanic symbol which features in the teaser.

Though fans were expecting Season 8 to premiere this fall, it didn’t come out that this would be the long awaited crossover season until Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, confirmed it on Twitter. Now that it’s been confirmed that Jessica Lange will be returning to play Constance Langdon, this might be the most highly anticipated season of American Horror Story yet.

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