D.Va’s mech and Reindhart’s armor are finally getting the Overwatch Summer Games treatment with brand new legendary skins. The refreshing blue paint job on the mech is complimented by a cute floral outfit on its pilot. Reinhardt, meanwhile, is geared up and ready to hit the field.

D.Va’s signature pink “MEKA” has now taken on a more tropical appearance, sprinkled with light blue hibiscus flower designs and white and magenta accents. D.Va herself is much more casual than her traditional uniform, with her long brown hair tossed in a bun, heart sunglasses, pink rashguard and shorts, and coordinating blue life jacket. You can see her new Waverider skin preview below.

Back on land, Reindhart’s Gridironhardt skin is decked out in pads instead of armor. Instead of wiping out the front lines with a shield, this legendary skin will let you barrel through the enemy with a tackle. Check out his skin preview below.

Overwatch’s Summer Games event is back for its third year on August 9. Lucioball will return this year and the arena will be headed to Busnan, South Korea.

Amazon and Twitch Prime members can also pick up new freebies until September 3 in celebration of the games. For even more Overwatch news, be sure to head on over to our Overwatch hub.

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