Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is not the only new entry in the series in the works. Activision announced a partnership with Chinese internet giant Tencent today to make a new Call of Duty mobile game for China. The name of the game has not been announced, but Activision said it will be an “original” game, which suggests it’s not a port of an existing title. Though it’s new, it will include characters, maps, modes, and weapons you’re already familiar with.

Tencent’s internal studio, Timi, is developing the game, not Activision. It’s set to launch in China “in the coming months.”

“We’re working closely with one of Tencent’s top mobile studios, Timi, to develop a fun and original Call of Duty experience that delivers superb gameplay and mechanics to mobile players,” Call of Duty executive Rob Kostich said in a statement. “Call of Duty has been the leading first person action experience around the globe for years and seeing that come to life on the mobile platform has been really exciting. We can’t wait for fans to play.”

For its part, Tencent boss Steven Ma said in a statement that the new Call of Duty game is “tailored to meet the interests and play styles of mobile players in China.”

We’ll report back with more details on the new Call of Duty mobile game for China as they’re announced. It’s not the first Call of Duty mobile game, as Activision already released a title called Call of Duty: Heroes that features notable characters from across the franchise.

As for Black Ops 4, the game launches in early October for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. You may not have to wait that long to check it out, however, as a beta starts this week on PS4.

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