If you hurry, you can snag yourself a free game on Steam right now. The game in question is Hacknet, but it won’t be free long. The deal ends July 14 at 10 AM PT (1 PM ET, 6 PM BT), when it goes back up to its regular price of $10 / £7. You can grab it here.

Hacknet is a well-received hacking simulator that kicks off when you receive a message from a recently deceased hacker named Bit who connects you with a hacking group called Entropy. That launches a series of missions in which you use the game’s Linux-inspired interface to crack into secure digital spaces to access top-secret files and communications.

Each job is a essentially a puzzle for you to solve using a set of hacking tools accessed through a command line. Your ultimate goal is to discover the circumstances that led to Bit’s death.

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From GameSpot’s 8/10 Hacknet review: “As the stakes get higher and the stories start to intertwine, the feeling that you’re doing things you really shouldn’t be starts to hit home, creating a wonderful sense of tension around your actions that remains a constant throughout… The feeling of playing Hacknet in a dark room with headphones on and being absorbed by its engrossing puzzles and soundtrack–full of heavy beats and filthy synth sounds–feels as close as you can get to the Hollywood hacker experience.”

If you like Hacknet, you can buy the Labyrinths expansion, which connects you with a different hacking group and sets you on a separate mission. Labyrinth comes with additional hacking tools that add more variety to the puzzles. You’ll probably want to play through the original game first, as the puzzles in Labyrinth are significantly more complex.

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