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Qi wireless charging has been around for awhile, but now that Apple has embraced the technology there are a bevy of charging mats, stands, and gadgets that can juice up your phone with wireless wizardry. Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or another Qi-enabled device, here are the best Qi wireless chargers you can buy.

Technically, Qi isn’t the only wireless charging standard on the market, but with other standards like PMA and A4WP dwindling in influence, your phone most likely supports Qi charging, so that’s what I’ll be focusing on in this guide.

In addition, it’s important to mention that wireless charging, while a big step forward, isn’t all sunshine and roses, even with the best Qi phone chargers. Sure, it’s awfully convenient to just plop your phone down on a pad at the end of the day. But wireless charging is also slower than many wired charging options, and some folks have problems with needing to find the right “sweet spot” for their phone on the mat (hence lots of Amazon reviews claiming a given charger is unreliable). I personally love wireless charging, but you may find the speed and reliability of wired charging preferable to the convenience of wireless—it’s all about personal preference. With that said, let’s get into it.

Best All Around Qi Charger for Most People – Samsung Fast Charge

You’d be forgiven for ignoring a Samsung wireless charger at first if you don’t have a Samsung phone. But for basic fast charging on a well-designed pad, Samsung offers the best product at a good price. At the time of this writing, Samsung’s Fast Charging pad ($25) is actually cheaper than its slower-charging cousin ($35), so you can’t go wrong with the fast charging option. It comes in black or white, has a rubber ring on top to keep your phone from slipping off, a quiet fan in the bottom to prevent overheating, and a large LED halo that lets you know when your device is charging. For certain Samsung phones, the LED will even change color when it’s finished charging, though this feature won’t work with iPhones.

Samsung’s Fast Charge pad offers up to 9W of power, meaning it will fast charge any Qi-enabled phone, including the latest round of iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and others. For a basic fast-charging pad, it’s as good as it gets for the price. There’s also a version that acts as a stand for $32, if that’s more your style.

Best Budget Qi Wireless Charger – Anker PowerPort Wireless


If you’re looking to save some cash, look no further than Anker. Just like its cheap-but-high-quality cables, Anker’s wireless chargers is a solid product at an affordable price, with only a few small caveats.

Anker’s PowerPort Wireless 5 comes in both a circular pad ($15) and as a stand ($17), with the stand providing multiple coils so you can charge in portrait or landscape mode. Both have relatively inoffensive LED lights, and each provides 5W of power. That isn’t enough for Qi’s “Quick Charging” standard, but quick chargers only tend to shave 15 to 20 minutes off your charging time anyway. You can grab a 10W quick charging version of Anker’s PowerPort Wireless for a few bucks more ($17), if you want.

There’s one main downside to Anker’s PowerPort Wireless chargers, however: they don’t come with power adapters. That means you’ll need to provide your own 5V/2A wall brick to go with the included micro USB cable. If you’re a tech enthusiast, you probably already have a few lying around already, so this won’t be a big deal. If you don’t, though, you’ll probably get more for your money by buying the Samsung Fast Charge pad mentioned above, which comes with its own AC adapter.

Best Qi Charging Stand With Stylish Colors – TYLT VU


If you aren’t satisfied with flat pads or high-angle stands, you might like the TYLT VU ($20-45). It’s a happy medium between the two with its 45 degree angle, so you can use your phone while it charges. It comes in an array of bright colors, has a distinct style, and supports fast charging for any Qi-compatible phones. If you prefer something even more versatile, TYLT’s VU BLADE ($60) lets you use it as a pad or as a stand, which is pretty neat.

Wireless Qi Charger Plus Power Bank – RavPower 10400mAh Portable Charger


The problem with wireless charging pads is that they’re still tethered to the wall, keeping them from being “truly” wireless. The RAVPower Wireless Portable Charger ($66) changes that: it’s a power bank and a wireless charger, meaning you can charge its 10400mAh battery through the wall, then charge your phone wirelessly by placing it on top of the power bank. With that capacity, RAVPower claims it’ll hold about 1.8 wireless charges for an iPhone X, 2.5 wireless charges for an iPhone 8, and 1.5 charges for a Galaxy S8. You can, of course, charge your devices with a USB cable for faster and more efficient charging (wired charging will provide up to 4 full charges for an iPhone 8). You can even charge two devices at once—one wireless, one wired.

The only downside to the RAVPower, besides its cost, is its size. It’s larger than some other 10,400 mAh power banks, but this is due to extra space left inside the bank for heat dissipation. Still, it’s pretty neat to be able to charge your device without any wires whatsoever (at least until you need to charge the power bank again).

Best Qi Charger For Your Car – Scosche StuckUp Qi


Nothing drains your phone’s battery quite like turn-by-turn navigation, so charging while you drive is absolutely essential. Instead of fiddling with a cable, you can grab the Scosche StuckUp Qi wireless charger ($40), which acts as a car dock and wireless charger all in one. Like any good car dock, it uses a suction cup and movable neck so you can find the perfect position, and its adjustable arms fit just about any phone up to 3.5” wide. On top of that, it supports up to 10W quick wireless charging, so your phone will never lose much battery, if any at all, while providing guidance on the road.

Charge Multiple Qi Devices at Once – IKEA NORDMÄRKE


If you have more than one phone in your household, you don’t want to fight over the living room charging pad. If you want to juice up multiple devices at once, your best bet is surprisingly this triple pad from IKEA ($60). It’ll charge up to 3 devices wirelessly at 5W, plus a fourth device through its wired USB port on the side. It doesn’t have 7.5W or 10W quick charging, but if you’re charging multiple devices, it’s well worth the tradeoff, and it looks pretty stylish. If you like the style of IKEA’s charger but only have one phone, its RIGGAD lamp ($70) comes with a wireless charging pad built in, too.

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