Pokemon Go’s latest Legendaries, Latios and Latias, have been a staple of Raid Battles for the past couple of months, but the Eon Pokemon won’t be around for much longer. Both Legendaries will only appear until June 5, making this your final opportunity to capture one if you still haven’t.

Like most other Legendaries, Latios and Latias can be encountered in Raid Battles at Gyms, although each one is only available in specific regions. After swapping locations back in May, Latios can be found in Europe and Asia, while Latias is appearing across North America, South America, and Africa.

As usual, players will need to team up with other Trainers to first battle the Legendaries, and only after the Pokemon has been defeated will players get a chance to capture it. Both Latios and Latias are dual Dragon/Psychic-types, making them especially susceptible to Dark and Fairy Pokemon like Tyranitar and Mawile.

While Latios and Latias are on the way out, players still have a few more days to capture another Legendary Pokemon, Ho-Oh. The Rainbow Pokemon recently returned to Raid Battles earlier this month, where it will remain until June 7. Players can also take on a new assortment of Field Research quests, which lead to another encounter with the Legendary Articuno.

June 5 also marks the day Pokemon Go’s latest in-game event, Adventure Week, is scheduled to end. Until then, Rock-type Pokemon such as Nosepass, Omanyte, and Kabuto will spawn more frequently, and players will earn extra XP for spinning photo discs at Pokestops and Gyms. The next Community Day event, meanwhile, takes place on June 16 and features another Rock-type Pokemon, Larvitar.

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