If you’re in the market for an Xbox One X, here’s a deal you’ll want to see: Ant Online is selling a console bundle via Ebay for a great price. You’ll probably want to act fast, though, because these kinds of deals tend to sell out quickly.

An Xbox One X with a single controller normally retails for $500. This deal drops the price down to $440 and throws in a few appealing freebies for no additional price. The bundle comes with an Xbox One X, an extra controller, Titanfall 2, and Destiny 2, all for $440 (the price appears at checkout). That’s the console, plus about $100 worth of extra stuff, all for less than an Xbox One X normally costs.

As for the console itself, it’s a machine that can run a growing list of Xbox One X-enhanced games in 4K. Some games come with the option to increase resolution or smooth out the frame rate. Either way, games look and/or run better on the Xbox One X. It can also play Ultra HD Blu-ray discs–something that can’t be said of the PS4 Pro.

In GameSpot’s Xbox One X review, Jimmy Thang wrote, “While the Xbox One X is an expensive box, from a hardware standpoint, you’re getting a very powerful and capable machine. You’ll be hard pressed to build a comparably powerful PC for $500. On top of that, you get a 4K HDR Blu-ray player, which can cost several hundred dollars on its own.”

Both of the games in the bundle are excellent first-person shooters. In GameSpot’s 8/10 Destiny 2 review, our critic wrote, “In true Destiny fashion, if you do something once, you’ll probably end up doing it many more times. The difference with Destiny 2 is in the variety and accessibility of what’s available, which cuts down on a lot of the frustration associated with grinding.” And from our 9/10 Titanfall 2 review: “It’s a fantastic sequel. It’s a fluid shooter. It’s a spectacular game.”

So if you like shooters and you want a 4K console, this Xbox One X bundle is a great deal.

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