This is ArcadeGamesPlayer video walkthrough for Detroit Become Human Chapter 6: Stormy Night on PlayStation 4.

Partners is the 6th chapter in Detroit Become Human. This walkthrough will guide you through all the choices of the Partners level for 100% completion.

Checkpoint: In Front of the Bar

  • Enter Jimmy’s Bar: You will automatically walk up to the door, and it will prompt you to enter.

Find Lt. Anderson:

  • Face Scan Customers: Before you find Lt. Anderson, hold :r2: to scan the room, aim at one of the patron’s faces that you can see, and hold :triangle: to scan their face. Scanning any one patron will unlock this node.
  • Face Scan Lt. Anderson: He will be the white haired man sitting at the bar in a green jacket, hunched over his drink. To scan his face, you will have to go past him and look at him from the opposite side.
  • Talk to Lt. Anderson: After scanning his face, you will be prompted to press :x: to talk to him.
    • REASON: Hank –
    • THREATEN: Hank ▼
    • PERSIST: Hank ▼

After selecting two of the choices above, you will be given three options:

    • WAIT OUTSIDE: Hank –

Checkpoint: Connor and Hank Arrive at Scene

When you pull up, Hank tells you to wait in the car:

  • PATIENT: Hank ▲
  • FIRM: Hank ▼
  • DIPLOMATIC: Hank ▲

Get out of the car, and go inside.

Listen to Briefing:

Simply stand in the living room while the officer tells you about the victim, Carlos Ortiz. This node will unlock when the briefing is complete. After the briefing, Hank will comment that the writing on the wall was done in the victim’s blood, opening the new objective to…

Examine Victim:

  • Investigate Writing: Examine the “I AM ALIVE” writing above the victim, then ANALYZE the writing when prompted.
  • Sample Blood: Sampling this blood, or any of the other blood traces in the room will unlock this node.
  • Analyze Carlos’s Body: Examine the victim, and scan the four clues on his body
    • Reconstruct Carlos’s Last Moments: Play back the reconstruction, scanning all the important clues.

Review Evidence:

There are 10 pieces of evidence to review, with the reconstruction of Carlos’s Last Moments being the first. The remaining 9 are:

  • Analyze Knife: Next to the “2” marker in the middle of the living room.
  • Analyze Red Ice: Next to the “3” marker in the living room next to the television.
  • Next to the “4” marker in the living room, press :l1: to look at it when prompted.
  • Examine Eden Club Flyer: At the back of the room, on the table next to a desk lamp.
  • Analyze Blood on Walls: Next to the “5” marker in the hallway, on the doorway between the living room and the hall, press :l1: to look at it when prompted.
  • Analyze Blood on Walls: Next to the “6” marker in the hallway, on the broken wall between the hall and the kitchen, press :l1: to look at it when prompted.
  • Analyze Backyard: Near the “6” marker is a door leading to the backyard. Go outside and look down, pressing :triangle: when prompted.
  • Examine Chair: Near the “7” marker in the kitchen, lying on the floor.
  • Analyze Missing Knife: Near the “8” marker on the kitchen counter, press :l1: when prompted to analyze the spot where the knife used to hang.
  • Analyze Baseball Bat: Near the “9” marker on the kitchen floor near the refrigerator. Analyze the 2 clues to trigger a reconstruction.
    • Reconstruct Assault With Bat:
  • Check Shower: Go to the bathroom at the end of the hall, and open the shower curtain. You will see “rA9” all over the shower walls.
    • Examine Statue: Look down to find the statue, and analyze it when prompted.

Though not part of the investigation, you can also:

  • Read “Android Sex”: Read the magazine collectible on the kitchen counter. Be sure to check both pages.
  • Read “Android Spy”: Read the magazine collectible on the kitchen counter. Be sure to check both pages.

If you do not complete your investigation within approximately five minutes, you will trigger an event:

  • Hank Wants to Go: Hank will say that “he’s out of here”, which means that Connor has to go as well.
    • Ask For More Time: This node will be decided automatically based on your current standing with Hank.
      • Hank Refuses: If you have pissed Hank off at this point, you won’t be able to persuade him and the mission will automatically fail.
        • Hank Ends Investigation
          • Crime Unsolved
      • Hank Accepts: If your relationship with Hank is at least “Tense”, he will give you five more minutes to finish the rest of your investigation. If you still can’t finish, the mission will automatically fail.
        • Out of Time
          • Crime Unsolved

Report to Lt. Anderson:

  • Connor Knows What Happened: If you have completed the investigation in time, you will have to go talk to Hank to walk him through the crime as you understand it.
    • Report to Lt. Anderson: Connor will say, “It all started…”
      • …IN THE KITCHEN (Correct Answer)
    • Regardless of what you choose, Connor and Hank will move to the kitchen, and Connor will continue by saying, “I think the victim attacked the android…”
      • …WITH THE BAT (Correct Answer)
    • If you choose incorrectly, you will answer until you pick the bat. You will then continue with the explanation:
    • “The victim fled to…”
      • …THE LIVING ROOM (Correct answer)
      • …THE GARDEN
    • “The android murdered the victim…”
      • …WITH THE KNIFE (Correct answer)
      • …WITH THE BAT
  • Fail to Reconstruct the Crime: If you answer incorrectly too many times, Hank will hit his “bullshit quota” and shut down the investigation. Hank ▼
    • Crime Unsolved
  • Reconstruct the Crime: Walk Hank through the correct sequence of events, and he will be impressed. Hank ▲

Find Deviant:

  • Follow Blue Blood to Attic: Use :r2: to follow the trail of Thirium to the end of the hall. Examine the wall on the left side to see the outline of a ladder that is no longer there, then look up to spot the attic.
  • Search Attic: Go back to the kitchen to get the chair and bring it back to the end of the hall. Climb onto the chair, and open the attic door. Climb up into the attic.
  • Found Deviant: [CROSS CHAPTER IMPACT] Move through the attic until you locate the deviant android.

This concludes the Partners chapter.

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